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Nikon lens


As a wedding photographer,  I like to be over-prepared. I have a huge selection of gear that I bring with me for just about any situation. 

I shoot on a Nikon Z6 II, D750 and just for fun a Polaroid Red 600.

I am a bit of a collector of camera equipment and have a huge collection of lenses. From top quality professional lenses to the more obscure and vintage, I have a lens that can cover almost every situation from dance floors, to wedding receptions and everything in between. 

For my professional work though, I tend to use a 6 main lenses -

Nikon 10-24mm - Nice for those huge churches and venues.

Sigma 35 - One of my main lenses for group shots and great for the first dance.

Olympus 14-42mm - It's nice and small so good for sneaky shots of guests during the ceremony.

Nikon 24-70mm - Wedding reception, first dance, fireworks, just about everything.

Olympus 40-150mm - Great zoom lens.

Nikon 85mm - Beautiful for those portraits of the Bride and groom.

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