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Do we have to pay a deposit/booking fee, if so how much is it?
Yes. I take a £200 deposit which secures the date and is non-refundable. 
Wedding photographers are generally booked long in advance and unlike other suppliers, we can obviously only do one wedding a day. If for whatever reason you decided to cancel within a few months of your date, the chance of me getting another booking for that day would be very slim. 

Do you have insurance?
Yes I have public liability, equipment insurance and professional indemnity .

How far will you travel and is there a fee?
I am more than happy to travel far and away for a wedding but do I have a fee of 45p a mile if it's over 80 miles from where I am based in Abingdon, OX14.

Can we book a second photographer?
Of course. I have a lot of photographer friends that would love to help out. For a second photographer there is a fee of £200.

What happens if it rains?
Unfortunately, I cant control the weather but if you are happy to brave the elements, then I'll be by your side shooting you.

How do we receive our images?
First of you will receive a link to a locked gallery on my website. You can send that on to friends and family. Shortly after that you receive a hand made box with a USB & a selection of prints that could go straight into a frame.

When will we get our images?
I try my best to get the images to you within 6-8 weeks. Summer season and having a 1 year old makes things a bit more difficult so it might take a little longer in peak season. 

How far in advance do we need to book you?
If I am free for your date, whenever.

What happens if we need to change the date?
If I am available for the new date, nothing. I will transfer the deposit over to the new date and off we go. If, however I am booked for the new date, I will return any payment with exception of the deposit. I will also put you in touch with some other photographers if needed. 

Can we post our photos on social media?
Of course, tag me in them and go for it. You would be helping me out. One thing I do say, is please don't edit them or add filters as that compromises my style. 

Do we have copyright over the images?
I retain the copyright which is normal but you can do what you want with them. 

Are you happy to shoot an LGBT wedding?
That is a massive YES! 

I hate having my picture taken, what advice can you give?
Me too, I have a very unusual look that I pull when a camera is shoved in my face so don't worry. I have worked for a few years as a headshot photographer and I have a few techniques that I can use to help get you to relax. I also provide an engagement shoot which I always find helps us get to know each other, which is hugely beneficial for the big day. 

Do you offer wedding albums?
Yes. If you decided that you want an album, I am more than happy to provide one at an extra cost.

Can people buy the images directly from you?
Yes. In the online gallery, your friends and family will be able to purchase photos from me. 

Do you offer bespoke packages?
Yes I do and I am happy to talk about this in our consultation.

Do you do a weekday package?
Yes, check out my package page

Do we have to have group shots?
Not at all. What you say goes. More often than not, couples are only wanting group shots for grandparents but if you just want the candid, more documentary style, I happy either way.

How long do we need for group shots and portraits?
I totally understand that you would prefer to spend your day with friends and family rather than me. So I normally suggest anything between 30mins to an hour to get the group shots and some portraits. 
What happens if you are ill on our wedding day?
To this day, it has never happened (touch wood) but obviously if there was a situation where I was struck ill or something happened where I was unable to attend, I have a few ways to deal with this. I am a part of a group of photographers that was created for this very reason and we often jump in at late notice to cover or provide some assistance. Here are the steps I would follow -

1. I contact you to inform you that I would be unable to attend.
2. I would then contact the group and ask for any willing photographers in the area and in price range.
3. I would then forward their details to you and you then choose.
4. I would then transfer monies to your chosen photographer.

Would you photograph our elopement?
Absolutely. Sounds exciting.

What equipment do you use?
Don't get me started on this one because I will bore you to death. Best check out my equipment page 

How do we book?
You can call me on 07969 217984. If I don't answer, leave a message and I'll get back to you asap. You can also email me at or use this link to my contact page
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