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Alex & Beth

Shot in between Lockdown Part 2 & 3 at the stunning Easthamstead Park Hotel.

Although it was a much smaller wedding than they had originally planned, and with a new lockdown on the horizon, they were not fazed at all. Even as I arrived, there was workmen everywhere hammering, banging and a team literally laying the carpet on the stairs. But when I saw Alex in the bar, you would never have known. He was a picture of calm in a sea of chaos. Luckily it was all a distant memory by the time Beth arrived in the Daimler. Huge credit to Easthamstead.

It was a beautiful Autumn day, which made the place look all the more impressive and amazing for me.

One of my favourite weddings, not just because I could have a play with my cameras again but also because it was just exactly what they wanted it to The guests welcomed me like I was a guest myself. There was no pressure and we laughed from the moment I saw the groom waiting in the bar.

Just goes to show that you really don't need to complicate the day. Simple can be perfect.


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