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Gaëlle & Ollie

Two of the most lovely lovely AND in-love people I have ever met.

It just so happened that this particular day was the Blenheim Palace Car Show, so everywhere you looked there were cars worth more than my house and louder than any festival I had ever been too.

It was my first Covid wedding and it was at Woodstock Town Hall. Everyone met outside to greet the gorgeous Gaëlle and her Dad as they pulled up in the stunning BMW 2002 which looked totally at home with all the supercars on show.

As a photographer, you know quite quickly that you are going to have a good day when you see the bride and groom look at each other for the first time and they just melt. This is exactly what happened with Gaëlle & Ollie.

When Gaëlle arrived, the atmosphere in the square was so beautiful. People were honking the horns of their Lamborghini's and Ferrari's. There was clapping & cheering and the feeling of love in that little square near Blenheim was just incredible.

After all the 2 meter, masked hello's had finished, we were ushered in to sanitise and take our socially distanced seats. The ceremony flew by and I genuinely don't think I have seen two people more happy than when Gaëlle walked down the aisle. There could have been a million people in that room and for those few seconds, Gaëlle and Ollie wouldn't have noticed. Just beautiful.

After all the "Will you's?" were done, we made our way to the grounds of Blenheim Palace for a little photo shoot. And to quote Churchill who is synonymous with Blenheim Palace, “My most brilliant achievement was my ability to be able to persuade my wife to marry me.” With that in mind, well done Ollie.


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