About me

Hi, I'm Matt a photographer based in a small village in Oxfordshire. 

I predominantly shoot weddings and actors headshots but I also have a real passion for street & travel photography. 

To give you a sense for who I am when I put the camera down, I live in a cottage with my amazing girlfriend Kirsty and our 2 cats Louie and Lola. I'm a huge football fan and being part Welsh and part Brummie, obviously I am a Liverpool supporter. 

When we are not working on the weekends (she is a wedding florist) we love nothing more than taking our VW campervan out to a field, preferably by a river to chill out.

I genuinely believe that picking up a camera all those years ago, was one of the best things I have ever done. It has opened many doors for me, taken me on unbelievable adventures and introduced me to some incredible people. Through my lens, I have witnessed horror, kindness and most beautiful of all love. It really has been an eyeopener to the world.

In my opinion, wedding photography is one of the most amazing and beautiful forms of photography you can be part of. On an average Saturday, I get to share and be part of a beautiful celebration where everyone is overwhelmed with happiness and love and it's my job to capture it. I can honestly think of no better job.





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"...you really have captured those little moments that show who we are as a couple."

Jess & Shane


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Abingdon, Oxfordshire.