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To Kirsty

Happy birthday.

Once upon a time there was girl called Kirsty. She was born to wear headphones on Tv or radio. She soon realised though that the voice she was hearing was speaking in the language of flowers. They called to her in their scenty way. Around this time her nostrils were treated again when she met a boy who was pretty and wise beyond his years. He fell for Kirsty as did all the others including Pit and some crooner.

Fast forward many years and they had a fox who had a child attached to it (The boy and Kirsty did, not Pit or the crooner)

Kirsty and the boy loved both equally (The fox and the child not Pit and the crooner)

They now spend eternity fixing up the house and keeping the fox from getting lost. 

PS This is about us.

Love you so much

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